Pipeline Negotiations

Written by about Pipelines on November 5, 2013

Since most of the leasing has slowed down in the Utica play here in eastern Ohio, many midstream companies are now approaching landowners about pipeline rights-of-way.  Pipeline agreements are typically drafted as a permanent easement, by which the pipeline company is granted a permanent right to access a strip of land on which to install and maintain a pipeline.  Because pipeline agreements can last a very long time, it is essential that landowners retain a lawyer who can interpret the language and negotiate with the pipeline company to change the terms.  Most of the agreements landowners receive from the pipeline company contain many terms that don’t adequately protect the land, and generally aren’t very favorable to the landowner.  On top of this, most landowners are offered a pretty low price in exchange for these unfavorable terms.

Our pipeline attorneys have substantial experience in reviewing, drafting, and negotiating pipeline agreements.  On behalf of landowners, we have negotiated with companies like BP, Halcon, Sunoco, NiSource, and Bluegrass.  Each of these companies have different agreements, and each has their own negotiating personality.  We are very well-versed in which terms these companies prefer, and even their preferred negotiating strategy. As a result, our pipeline lawyers are positioned very well to successfully negotiate better terms for the landowner.

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MOLLY PHILLIPS earned her law degree from University of Akron School of Law. Her primary practice consists of reviewing oil and gas related contracts. Molly also litigates oil and gas law cases. Past litigation topics include dormant minerals law and lease breaking.