Ohio Pipeline Map and Proposed ET Rover and Leach XPress Routes

Written by about Pipelines on October 2, 2014

Ohio has so many pipelines that if I tried to put them all on one map, you wouldn’t be able to see much. What I’ve done here is shown what I consider to be the major, state-wide pipelines. All of these lines are interstate (crossing into at least PA, WV, IN or KY). They carry different products. They are different sizes. They have different destinations. What unifies them is their scale- each of these pipelines was a massive undertaking and involved a large number of Ohio landowners.

This map also shows two newly proposed pipelines: ET Rover and Leach XPress. These projects are just getting off the ground now (September of 2014). If you are contacted by ET Rover or Columbia (Leach Xpress), please give us a call. We are forming landowner groups for both pipelines as we believe it gives landowners the leverage to negotiate their best contract possible and receive their best compensation. Read more about the landowner groups here.

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